Update – New Album News, Last Live show of 2015 –

I FINALLY wrapped up the writing for all 11 songs on the new album! While there is still a bit of editing, mixing, and instruments to be recorded and re-recorded; some lyrics to go back over here and there, the process of pulling the music from the aether into a tangible form is done, & that’s the hardest part.

new tunes brewing...

I’m about 90% sure the new album will be available on vinyl & digital download/streaming exclusively. I MIGHT make about 100 copies on CD, but that format is quickly going by the wayside. There will be a lot less freebies this time around too (soundcloud, youtube, etc). As frustrating as it is that kids are consuming music one song at time via youtube, spotify, etc, that seems to be the future. Adapt or get run over. Despite the changing climate of consumption, I am still creating the album with the intention of being listened to properly; from start to finish, accompanied with some form of intoxicant (I do not condone pills, needles, snorting, mad scientist “lab” creations, or irresponsible excess, by the way) in front of a solid stereo (headphones optional; car stereos while aimlessly driving around counts too), whilst taking in the artwork and vibe. Kids these days…

Without giving away too much, the album is definitely darker than the first, and a bit more aggravated. Not to say it’s metal, just leaning more towards the yin than yang. The first album had a lot of really soothing instruments and was sonically silky. This one explores distortion, more minor keys, darker subject matter, etc.  Though, it has it’s tender, beautiful moments as well. Well balanced overall? I’ve said too much. I’m really excited about it.

In the meantime, I’ll be performing in Nashville on Dec. 28th with Cosmic Coast and Owen Ni at the Springwater Supper Club While I normally will perform with just about any genre, these two acts actually fit into the “livetronica” vibe I currently have going. I’ve checked out their music, as you should, and this will actually be a congruent show that any fan of what I do will enjoy. For show info, head over to the concert calendar

Stay tuned; until next time.