The Ties That Bind : An Evening of Live Music

This show has been a long time coming – sparing a lot of details, it’s organization has required logistical ninjutsu. HOWEVER, we finally have a heading & are underway!

The event will be held at The Music Room in Atlanta, Georgia. A venue which may very well have the coolest front door ever…


Joining Munook for the evening is an eclectic blend of talented artists who are ready and willing to blow your mind. They are, as follows: Nadia Vaeh, Deion Reverie, Emmy Law, & Joshua Garmon – it’s looking to be a great time!

BUT WAIT!!! There is a stipulation… The Music Room utilizes an app called Rabbl to facilitate ticket sales. Rabbl functions like kickstarter, but instead of raising funds, you’re securing ticket presales. This ensures that the venue doesn’t loose money & the artist has a crowd. The Music Room is requiring that we sell 30 tickets BEFORE they will secure the event.

So let’s not mince words, go visit this link -> and secure your ticket!! $10 a pop; that’s $2 per artist. All you have to do is log in w/ facebook (don’t worry, they won’t post to your facebook page or spy on you while you’re in the shower), request your tickets, and purchase. Literally takes less than 5 minutes. Also, ahem, you don’t even have to go to the show. You could just show your love by “pledging” $10 to the event; but we’d rather you go!

Here is a sampler of all the artists so that you’re not flying blind – See you there!!