2017 – What’s Going On In There?

I’ll be honest. I fell off of the horse. After 3 years of promoting & touring, while simultaneously writing & recording the new record, I completely ran out of steam. I decided to put it all down & take a break during the Thanksgiving Holiday of 2016.

That break extended up to about a month ago. I’d like to explain more about why the derailment occurred & what happened during it but let’s just cut the $h!t & say I gave up. I didn’t want to perform anymore & I didn’t want to finish the album.

During this “hermit period”, I made a rash decision that I was going to be done w/ music. In lieu of that, I shifted my focus to opening a restaurant in 2018. How & why this came to be is another story. I’ll cut out a slew of details & say that the restaurant will be named “Secret Recipes” & I plan on opening it in 2018. Though, as w/ most entrepreneurial endeavors, it’s going to take twice as long & cost twice as much as projected. Feel free to click the logo below, it will link you to the Secret Recipes Facebook Page. I won’t stop you from liking it.

With this massive directional change in motion, where does that leave Munook? Well, I decided about a month ago that, no, I wasn’t done w/ Munook. Despite the weight, I do love it & I can’t bring myself to just walk away & leave it as a hobby. Please, hold your applause. So, while my focus has shifted & my time has tightened, I still plan on finishing the 2nd album, performing the material, & creating a 3rd album; a 4th, a 5th… so on until I meet my end.

So after a bit too much rest & a little bit of wind in my sails, I recently put my Munook hat back on & got around to streaming a facebook live performance of “The Dreamer”. Feel free to watch it below. FYI, the first half of the video is intended for fans. It’s an explanation of the song’s structure, the inspiration behind the lyrics, & the instrumentation of the live set up. The 2nd half of the video is the performance. If you’d like to avoid the rambling, skip to the 8 min mark.

Finally, while the new album is more than half way finished, it’ll be a minute before it’s done. In the meantime, here are a few snippets of new music in the works that have been posted to my Instagram. It’s not much, but it’s something. Onward.


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