The Ties That Bind : An Evening of Live Music

This show has been a long time coming – sparing a lot of details, it’s organization has required logistical ninjutsu. HOWEVER, we finally have a heading & are underway!

The event will be held at The Music Room in Atlanta, Georgia. A venue which may very well have the coolest front door ever…


Joining Munook for the evening is an eclectic blend of talented artists who are ready and willing to blow your mind. They are, as follows: Nadia Vaeh, Deion Reverie, Emmy Law, & Joshua Garmon – it’s looking to be a great time!

BUT WAIT!!! There is a stipulation… The Music Room utilizes an app called Rabbl to facilitate ticket sales. Rabbl functions like kickstarter, but instead of raising funds, you’re securing ticket presales. This ensures that the venue doesn’t loose money & the artist has a crowd. The Music Room is requiring that we sell 30 tickets BEFORE they will secure the event.

So let’s not mince words, go visit this link -> and secure your ticket!! $10 a pop; that’s $2 per artist. All you have to do is log in w/ facebook (don’t worry, they won’t post to your facebook page or spy on you while you’re in the shower), request your tickets, and purchase. Literally takes less than 5 minutes. Also, ahem, you don’t even have to go to the show. You could just show your love by “pledging” $10 to the event; but we’d rather you go!

Here is a sampler of all the artists so that you’re not flying blind – See you there!!


July Tour Wrap-up

This is coming, oh, 2 weeks late, but I still felt the need. Here’s a somewhat brief synopsis of the recent July Live dates.

July 17th – Savannah, GA – The Sentient Bean:
Sparing a lot of details, this gig was an experiment in how Munook would fair in a coffee shop. The result, not so well. I think the In & of It live performance works best on an actual stage, with a proper PA, & a sound engineer. Also, I need the volume of the music to be encompassing enough for me to be able to sink my “vocal chops” into; which was not the case there. They wanted a “conversational” volume level which was far beneath what I had been rehearsing with and quite frankly, far beneath the volume of the squeaking wood on the stage. No bueno. I had to deliver every vocal line in a near whisper tone. It didn’t work well. The staff was friendly, the venue itself was really neat, and there was a decent little audience but it just wasn’t the right fit for a full-frontal on Munook gig. Moving on.

July 21st – Florence, AL – The End Theatre:

This show was incredible. A huge thanks to J. Scott Long for asking me to be a part of it. The show was a part of the W.C. Handy Music Festival, a week long music extravaganza in Muscle Shoals, AL with an offshoot being held within The End Theatre. Munook performed on a night exclusively dedicated to Metal bands; and I don’t just mean metal, I mean Deathcore Metal. I was a bit apprehensive initially but after all was said and done, I was so well received that it blew my mind. Honestly some of the nicest, most supportive musicians I’ve ever performed with. I can’t remember all of the bands and people I met that night, but I’ll try to touch on it in another blog update. Just a fantastic night.

July 24th – Nashville, TN – Rocketown:

I think the best part about this show was the ability to share another bill with Strange Waves. They’re a great band out of Muscle Shoals and their involvement with the night was totally by chance. Then again, I don’t believe in chance. It was meant to be. Their music sounds like a progrock version of Alabama Shakes. Make a point to check them out. As far as the rest of the bands for the night, I was accompanied by Norwish, a very young indie rock band and Tomås Gorrio a solo singer-songwriter, both from Nashville. The venue was a skate park/”YMCA-esque”youth center. The crowd was very young, so my set was short and PG. I didn’t mind. It was a fun night overall and I made a handful of worthwhile contacts.

July 28th – Charlotte, NC – Crown Station:

You would think that if I were experimenting with the viability of a Munook show in a coffee house, I would have only booked one. I booked two and Crown Station was the 2nd. Actually, Crown Station did allow me to raise the volume a little but again, it’s not a music venue and that brings it’s own set of challenges. Aside from all that, I had the pleasure of meeting and performing with Deion Reverie. A fantastic, young singer-songwriter/producer from Charlotte. Do yourself a favor and check out his music. I really hope to perform with him again in a proper venue! Unbeknownst to me, there were two other bands that were scheduled to perform that night as well; Pathos, Pathos & Rothschild. Definitely check them out! Some great connections were made that night.

July 29th – Atlanta, Ga – Smith’s Olde Bar:

Positive news first. I LOVE this venue. While their “loading dock” had a little something to be desired, their stage was great. Apparently, David Bowie has played there once upon a time & Bob Marely’s old band, The Wailers, had played there just a few night before. Sorry for the name dropping. Moving on. A pro sound engineer, proper monitors, proper PA, pro lighting; sorry for being naive and giddy but it really was a fantastic stage and venue. Now for the less exciting news. The other two bands I shared the stage with, Loyd Rieves & Tall Bear were less than supporting to say the least. They brought a very large audience but did nothing to promote Munook to their fans. It was so funny to see DEATHECORE metal bands sporting Munook T-shirts onstage in front of 100 people just a few nights before and yet have two other musicians do absolutely ZILCH to help promote me to a new city just days later. Independent music is a brotherhood, gotta’ look out for each other. Granted a few members of Tall Bear watched my set but the front man, well, let me just leave it at this…he put cologne on before he went on stage. Literally. Ah, well. I still got paid the same. 😉 Needless to say, I won’t be performing with them again. I will however be performing at Smith’s Olde Bar again.

July 30th – Greenville, SC – IPA Greenville:

First off, let me say that the owners of this venue gladly & heavily support independent, left of the middle music! Massive props to them. I was greeted with flyers & my name in lights. You really can’t ask for more. They had a nice, sizable stage fully equipped with proper monitors, PA, & a sound engineer. They found and booked a local act for me. I really was blown away by how well they took care of me. I had the honor of sharing a stage with Issac Pancake – an artist who really fit perfectly with me. Just a great experience all around. I highly recommend any touring indie band make a stop at IPA Greenville. Though, you must do your own promotion. The built in crowds vary.

July 31st – Asheville, NC – The One Stop:

This was a great night. Asheville is nothing short of magical. If you are looking for an interesting place to visit on vacation, go to Asheville. Not only is the city, scenery, and people extraordinary; so is the music scene. I don’t know what UFO put together that little settlement but job well done. It was a relatively large crowd that was very receptive. The two other musicians I performed with, Dep & Divine Love Mission were so kind and down to Earth. Go check out their music and support them! Also, I was able to meet up with Dirk South! An old band mate who performed bass guitar on The T.S.K. – he was also kind enough to let me crash at his house that night and save $ on a hotel bill. Just a fantastic night overall and wonderful way to end the tour. I’ll definitely make my way back to Asheville; gladly.


Asheville, NC Sound Check - July 2015