"...our aim is not to control others but to be such masters of our mind and body that all we have to do is control our own mind and all of our negative emotions are banished. Anger, despondency, hatred, a lack of desire to do things are all replaced by mental strength and stability." Shifu Yan Lei
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Munook – Owen Ni : Live From Trim Tab Brewing Co.

February 6, 2016 Birmingham, AL Free


Time : 3-6 pm
Venue : Trim Tab Brewing Co.
Address : 2721 5th Ave. South
State : AL
Zip : 35233
Phone : (205) -703-0536
Contact Email : info@munook.com
Contact Website : http://munook.com

I performed with Owen Ni in Nashville recently. He was kind enough to put that show together & asked me to perform w/ him. All I had to do is show up. I love it when that happens. Very honored.

Well, he has gone & been a super nice guy again. He has put another show together & asked me to play along, for a 2nd time. I guess he isn’t too mad about my music. 😉

So, everyone, please take out your calendars & write down that you’ll be attending Munook & Owen Ni Live from the Trim Tab Brewing Co. in Birmingham, AL on Feb. 6th, from 3-6 pm. In case you didn’t check out the info from the last time I played with Owen, he creates very ambient, trippy, psychedelic, electronic music. When paired with what I do, it makes for a very transcendental evening.

Also, the show is FREE, however, the beer will be $1 more than normal. SO, if you don’t come, you don’t buy beer, & I don’t get paid. It’s pretty simple. Come out to Trim Tab Brewing Co., invite your friends, have a few handcrafted, local beers, and listen to new, local music. Got it? Good. See you there.


feb 6th 2016 trim tab brewing