"...our aim is not to control others but to be such masters of our mind and body that all we have to do is control our own mind and all of our negative emotions are banished. Anger, despondency, hatred, a lack of desire to do things are all replaced by mental strength and stability." Shifu Yan Lei
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Munook: Live From Trim Tab Brewing Co.

February 13, 2016 Birmingham, AL Free


Venue : Trim Tab Brewing Co.
Address : 2721 5th Ave. South
State : AL
Zip : 35233
Phone : (205) -703-0536
Contact Email : info@munook.com
Contact Website : http://trimtabbrewing.com/

Well, the performance at Trim Tab Brewing Co. went surprisingly well! While the facility was more of a tasting room than a venue, & I was more background music than I was a performer/entertainer, the yin & yang balanced themselves out, all parties desires merged in the middle, & it was a success!!

The crowd was active, overwhelmingly young, relatively attentive, & never once waned. For every 5 customers that left, 7 walked in. The staff was professional & ran a tight ship, they respected me as an artist, AND invited me back to play again this weekend! Sorry for all of the exclamation marks, I’m excited. So sue me.

Again, a huge thanks to Owen Ni for setting the gig up!

To reiterate, I’m not re-announcing a previous gig. I’m playing another gig at the same venue, this coming weekend. I would be honored if some of my fans/friends from the Birmingham area would come out to support me, and add to Trim Tab Brewing Co. business because again, if you don’t drink, I don’t get paid.


Feb 13th - 2016