"...our aim is not to control others but to be such masters of our mind and body that all we have to do is control our own mind and all of our negative emotions are banished. Anger, despondency, hatred, a lack of desire to do things are all replaced by mental strength and stability." Shifu Yan Lei
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Munook – Live From Rocketown

July 24, 2015 Nashville, Tennessee


Venue : Rocketown - Flex Studio
Address : 601 4th Ave S
State : Tennessee
Zip : 37203
Phone : (615) 843-4001
Contact Email : info@rocketown.org
Contact Website : http://www.rocketown.com

These shows are starting to stack up! I really need to be rehearsing. At any rate – I’m glad to be playing in an actual music venue. Though, I’m going to have to keep my behavior a mild PG-13 because it’s apparently a “drug and alcohol free” hangout for youth. No worries. The more people I can reach the better.

So, if you’re in Nashville on July 24th, come to Rocketown’s Flex Studio

July 24th