1. Cactus Flower

If you’re a little bit suspicious and something doesn’t smell right,
your ears should be ringing from the pinging of the hammer strike
Clear your mind of everything, ignore your insecurities, focus on the target, and drive that nail head home

There’s no wrapping your head around the current situation
Explore it if you’d like or begin interrogation
I can lead you to the answers dear, show you how you’ve gotten here; if it’s truth you’re looking for then look no further I’m here

I don’t know what it was in me that felt the need to save you; saving is something done by the heroes, someone braver
But I took you by the fragile hand, looked you in your searching eyes, stood before the ocean, and promised you the entire world

So saddle up the horses and clear your poor, weary head; know you’re not alone, don’t succumb to the emptiness
And since we’re being honest here, all of my initial fears that would’ve dampened all my dreams were sent to the grave by you

2. Vociferant

When I step outside, all I can hear is the wind in my ears
The breeze and the insects in the trees

That, and vociferant noises from the city

You and your ever-evolving justifications for existence
You and your ever-expanding, all-consuming, black cloud of progress
Why don’t you let it go

You can find proof in the cliche “as light as a feather”
You can find proof in the cliche “as sly as a fox”

That and in vociferant noises from the city

Let’s build a building up to the sky
Let’s dig a hole in the Earth and find out why
Let’s stick our heads up the hole in the universe, and get lost in it

3. Making Fire

Today I remember the world from the sky
I can’t concentrate since I’ve learned to fly
I saw all the people for just what they were; parasites and catfish looking for their worth

I wanted to save the whole human race, I needed to be in everyones face
Screaming and spitting and thinking out loud
I wish I could take you all to the clouds

I started to think that I’m just like you; stuck here, floundering, looking for food
Constantly changing and never too soon
I was lonely and frightened trying to “go boom”

So now I’m here back on the Earth, wanting you to wake up and burst
Recognize that you have the same wings, you just need some time; you just need to be

4. Token

Elbows above your shoulders
Now that you’re getting older, you worry too much
Over-analyzing, constantly scrutinizing your flaws
One last look in the mirror, subsiding all your fears with a sigh that sends everything spiraling down your eyes

As my little girl goes out into the world, I must remind myself that she’s an individual, and she’ll be just fine
This is the sound of me letting go

Don’t you worry, I’ve been there before; nervous and totally insecure
But your need for attention, and your total lack of fences, will bring this city crumbling to it’s knees.

5. Breaching

Never, ever did I expect an answer to my call
Violet, white, yellow, blue, red, green, and orange
Black eyes peeking in through the front door; oh my God I’ve never felt like this before

They pierce through the soul
They pierce through corruption, filth, and rigamarole

Every single hair on my body stood on end
My heart skipped a beat, and my stomach went for a swim
My hand went instinctively to cover my gapping mouth
And I seemed incapable of breathing in and out
…Breathing in and out…

You can’t be afraid of what you don’t understand
There is an ultimate, guiding hand that holds you in the night
And leads you through your perilous life

I forgot to breath
I forgot the basic necessities
I forgot to be

6. Introverted Revolutionary

You can’t see until you close your eyes
You can’t feel until you break the skin; until somebody breaks your heart
And you won’t know your place in the world until you’re completely set apart

Try not to be afraid

Don’t reach out for love; it’ll find you when you humble your heart
Be sure to burn a light inside, because things in this world get dark
You’ve got to be strong for others because people, they tend to fall apart

Be patient my son, let the world turn
Let your self go, let the pain burn
‘Cause from a little bit of pain comes a whole lot of progress
From a whole lot of progress comes a little bit of change
From a little bit of change comes a revolution
And from a revolution comes a war
From war comes pain, from pain comes progress
Progress brings change, and change brings revolution

Don’t you worry son, everybody gets lost
If you fall and I’m able, I will pick you up

And I will always love you

7. Simpatico

I tried to save the world last night and now it just feels the same
I’m alone at last, behind the glass; the story of my life

Somebody save me

There’s a need for all to find a friend; somebody that can go on

Then we’ll save them all
We’ll find the truth, to bring peace to the world
We’ll love the lost, and count the cost
and take away all their pain

Attentive to the “save me”

Let’s go to war against heartache and reclusiveness

…You’re talking to yourself again…

8. The T.S.K.

He’s a mixed up boy that replaced his mother with a needle
Now the whole world is his toy and he’s experiencing freedom
But the price of that joy is unleashing all his demons

Calm down and sink inside your ocean
Delve deeper inside under the influence of your favorite potion
‘Cause you and I know that the whole world was set into motion, just to end in chaos and commotion

He took it back to Adam and Eve
No corporate world and nothing up his sleeve
In a world full of money, lust, and greed
Passion and love still exist in his dreams

He was just looking for love anyway

9. Square 1

Hey babe, you’ve gotta’ let this go
The umbilical was cut and now the baby has grown
You can beg, you can plead, you can gnash your teeth
But nothing you can give will make that boy complete

You did this to yourself and you know that you did
When you look in the mirror, all you’ll see is a kid
You cry all night just to work all day
I think you broke your heart ’cause you like it that way

And now you’re crying out loud
Nobody dares make a sound

How could you not read the signs?
How could you not see the warnings?

10. The Dreamer

You’re staring out the window and sighing with the rain
Dreaming up a you that could be, a you that was free
A you that could throw it all down and redefine destiny

Yelling on the inside
What is left of a dream?
A broken up heart, broken down spine, shriveled up will, and a lack of self esteem

Now I’m not one for violence, I’m not one for war
But don’t you think it’s time you quit all the thinking, threw your chin up, and unsheathed your sword?

Start out at the bottom and work your way up
Outlasting all the phonies and punching fear in the gut
You’ve always lived in a fishbowl, with all emotions in plain view
I think it’s time you got a grip and did whatever it is that you were born to do