A brief update: (1-20-17) Greetings! Okay, 2018 is off to the races. I’m in full promo gear & very reluctantly, though steadily, coming out of the shadows & letting people in on my process. From the train wrecks, the small and large victories, to the updates on my new album, everything is in plain view on Instagram. Click HERE to join the party. The new album is 70% done and it is my absolute aim to release it this year. Also, let’s not forget about In & of It, the first & only album in circulation. Please listen & share, it’s available just about everywhere. For those who have, thank you for your support, sincerely.

Without further ado, Welcome to Munook.com. Go exploring, get involved, and share your experience with friends.


Southern Belle Humanism Hosts Munook

I don’t often open up to my process but I did here. I was honored this week (1-17-18) by Amber Geislinger to be a guest on her Youtube Live show, Southern Belle Humanism chatted about everything from Millennials to Extraterrestrials. If you’d like to listen in, watch below.


My music is available to stream just about everywhere, but Spotify seems to be the most popular. So, here you go. Enjoy.