A brief update: (12-1-17) Greetings! Well, no one wants to witness a pity party but part of this whole project is to honestly explore ideas, so, 2017 was a rough year in the ol’ Munook camp. IF you want to delve into that, there is news update here – If you want to be spared that, just know that I am back on my horse and actively pursuing a record deal and the completion of the 2nd album. On that note, I am so, so close to being done with the writing and recording of the new album. I’m really excited for you to hear it! Also, let’s not forget about In & of It, the first & only album in circulation. Please listen & share, it’s available just about everywhere. For those who have, thank you for your support, sincerely.

Without further ado, Welcome to Munook.com. Go exploring, get involved, and share your experience with friends.



My music is available to stream just about everywhere, but Spotify seems to be the most popular. So, here you go. Enjoy.