Facebook Live – The Dreamer

After avoiding it for months, I finally caved and ran a FB live stream. The first half of the video is for the fans. It’s a break down of the songs structure, the inspiration behind the lyrics, and an explanation of the live stream instrumentation. If you want to avoid all the rambling, skip to the 8:00 min mark for a performance of The Dreamer. Enjoy.


A brief update: (3-29-17) Greetings! I’m just going to be honest. I totally fell off the horse. After creating, promoting, and touring for over 3 years, I ran out of steam. I took a break in November of 2016 and didn’t really get back into the swing of things until a few weeks ago. I also nearly gave up on the new album during that time. It was all just too much. Lo! Do not despair! Things are looking up and I’m back in the studio making beats for the next album. As I’ve said before, it’s more than halfway through. Only 4 songs left to record. As a side note, I’ve also decided to open a restaurant in 2018. Like I needed more to do. Keep your eyes peeled & your heads on swivels! – Also, let’s not forget about In & of It, the first & only album in circulation. Please listen & share, it’s available just about everywhere. For those who have, thank you for your support, sincerely.

Without further ado, Welcome to Munook.com. Go exploring, get involved, and share your experience with friends.



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