A brief update: (6-24-16) Attention!! I am currently in the process of securing a live show at The Music Room in ATL, GA. I’ve put together a great line up including; Nadia Vaeh – Munook – Deion ReverieEmmy Law – & Joshua Garmon Check out the sound cloud playlist in this post! However, before we can secure the date, we have to secure a 30 ticket presale on Rabbl, an app that functions like kickstarter but exclusively for ticket sales. So please, go visit this link and help us secure those tickets!  – Also, let’s not forget about In & of It, the first & only album in circulation. Please listen & share, it’s available just about everywhere. For those who have, thank you for your support, sincerely. The new album is still in production; keep an eye out.

Without further ado, Welcome to Go exploring, get involved, and share your experience with friends.



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